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Yoga Retreats in Joshua Tree

Are you ready to connect with Self, other like-minded souls, nature, local communities AND...

experience a private sound bath at the Integratron? 

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Next Retreat in Spring  2023!!!

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or just not feeling connected to yourself, others or the world around you?

Then I invite you to...

Join me for a relaxing, healing, spiritually-infused, charitable experience in the magical Joshua Tree National Park.

AND to make it even better... a portion of the proceeds will go to support a local Native American Tribe! 


Takhtams Village of Indians

Takhtams Village of Indians is a land-less Tribe from the Joshua Tree area. The ancestral land is now owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Wetland Conservatory. During the California Rancheria Termination Act, California was in the process of removing all the Native Americans from Reservation. Unfortunately, their tribe was one of the 134 Reservations selected. Now they are asking for donations to buy 20 acres directly outside of their Ancestral land and believe if they can't be on it, they would like to be close to it.

Example Schedule

 Friday - May 26 
  • Early Access to Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel. Arrive anytime between 3pm- 5pm to explore the property: meditation trail, beautiful scenery, restrooms, sitting areas to relax and take in the magic of the desert 
  • 5-930pm - Welcome Ceremony at Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel

    • 5-530pm - Smudging blessing, meet other retreat attendees, get settled, welcome by Nicole Turner 
    • 530-7pm - Introduction by Abe from Wind Walkers and Drum Circle
    • 7-8pm - Dinner included for all retreat attendees
    • 8-930pm - Desert, star gaze, intention setting ceremony in teepees

Saturday - May 27
  • 7-730am - Light breakfast 
  • 8-10am - Outdoor or Indoor flow yoga, sound healing, meditation 
  • 1030 - 1130am - Get ready, grab your boxed lunch and drive into Joshua Tree National Park
  • 1130 -1pm - Short group hike and lunch 
  • 1pm - 5pm - Rest, reflect, journal, take pictures, or explore in park with the group or on your own
  • 5-6pm - Leave park
  • 6-7pm - Outdoor or Indoor yin yoga, sound healing, meditation 
  • 7-9pm - Dinner 
  • 9pm - Free time, hot tub, star gazing, smores, camp fire, relax with group or on your own

Sunday - May 28
  • 7-8am - Light breakfast
  • 830-1030am - Outdoor flow yoga, sound healing and meditation
  • 1030am1pm - Free time to explore, eat lunch, rest, reflect, journal
  • 130-330pm - Drive to Giant Rock and explore
  • 4-430pm - Drive to Integratron
  • 5pm-630pm - Private Integratron Sound Bath
  • 7-9pm - Dinner 
  • 9pm - Free time, hot tub, star gazing, smores, camp fire, relax with group or on your own

Monday - May 29
  • 7-8am - Light breakfast 
  • 8-10am - Closing Ceremony and outdoor or indoor flow yoga, sound healing and meditation
  • 1030am - Retreat ends

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*Email me to set this up: [email protected]


Map of Where We'll Be Hanging Out

I am encouraging everyone to stay within this area of Joshua Tree, California. It's about a 30mile radius between The Integratron in Landers, Pioneertown and the West Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. 


Jacob Black

You can't miss Nicole's events! I have been coming to her classes for the past 6+ months and I highly recommend. I just participated in her 2 hour guided lesson at Reach Yoga for the second time and it's such a unique experience :) The sound bowls and essential oils transport you to a place where the mind drifts into ease and calmness; I walked out feeling so refreshed and energized. I look forward to the next events for sure!

Ashley Onofaro 

I highly recommend Nicole’s Yin & Sound Healing events! It is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. I always leave these events much more stress free and feeling very calm.

Janina Umali

I have never felt as comfortable with yoga as I have with Nicole! Her teaching style is a rarity from what I've seen before. She really takes the time to dive into the deeper side of yoga and it's helped improved my mood and stress levels by being able to let go and truly relax. Every time I take one of her classes, whether it be Vinyasa, Yin, or Yoga Nidra, I always feel so much better then when I started. Her classes have not only been a HUGE benefit to me, but also to those around me as they've noticed an improvement in my moods. She's taught me how to deepen the connection with myself and also how to reconnect with others through yoga. If you need a break from daily life and don't know what to do to relax, take one of Nicole's classes and you'll definitely come out feeling refreshed!


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Andrea Nelson

Nicole is amazing!!! I’ve attended both her indoor zoom and outdoor classes. Her voice will guide you on a transcendent journey; during deep meditation under the stars, my son’s name came to me while he was cooking in my belly, a moment I will never forget. Strongly recommend her special brand of yoga :-)

Loren Samuelson 

Nicole's sound bath yoga for our company retreat was incredible! The way that she guides you through meditation and her soothing instruction made the surrounding worries of the world slip away. I was filled with complete relaxation and good vibes the rest of my day.

Emily Sones

I have taken multiple of Nicole's classes, but her Yin + Sound Healing Chakra Balancing workshop is the ultimate bliss. Nicole is a true healer and super educated on all things yogi :-). through her workshop she led us through meditation, yin and also incorporated lots of education and learning about the chakras. If you are looking to learn more about the chakras, to wind down and center - you have to try one of Nicole's yin+sound healing classes. Wish there were more like these! Def will take more!!

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