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Vibrate Higher in Joshua Tree

Let's connect with Self, others, nature, community AND... 
experience a private sound bath at the Integratron! 


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Vibrate Higher -
Weekend in Joshua Tree 

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, others or the world around you?

Then I invite you to...

Join me for a relaxing, rejuvenating experience in the magical Joshua Tree National Park where you will have an opportunity to nourish yourself, bond with others, and learn about a restoration project aiming to get Joshua Tree's protected by the State of California. 

I am passionate about using retreat experiences to help individuals feel connected to the divine inner light we all share through the 8 Limbs of Yoga and sound healing, and bring awareness to challenges in local communities. 

What You Get

  • Welcome ceremony at Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel - smudging, drum circle, outdoor yoga and meditation, sound healing and intention setting ceremonies in teepees. 
  • Outdoor yoga, sound healing and meditation, private nature tour, photography lesson, and learn about conservation projects to save the Joshua Trees by Joshua Tree Visitors Guide
  • Trip to Giant Rock & Private Yin YogaIntegratron Sound Bath
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided both days from The Dez Catering
  • Learn all 8 Limbs of Yoga and how they can enhance your life
    • 3 Yoga Classes - slow flow & yin yoga - learn the benefits of practicing both styles
    • 3 Sound Healing Sessions - learn the benefits of incorporating sound into your self-care
    • 3 Meditation Sessions - learn about active and passive forms of meditation and practice both styles


Casey Kieran and the Joshua Tree Visitor's Guide 

Casey has been a professional photographer for over two decades, with coverage in numerous magazines, including cover shots, and appeared on CBS News, Al Jazeera, History Channel, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Gila Film Festival and numerous other publications.

He specializes in 4K, motion-control, timelapse, Milky Way photography, Iceland landscapes, desert landscapes and cityscapes, including aerial drone filming.

Casey is the owner of Joshua Tree Workshops, teaching people about photography and filmmaking, he founded and is the festival director of “Timelapse Film Festival”, the premiere event for time-lapse filmmakers worldwide, he publishes the popular Joshua Tree Visitors Guide that provides a resource for visitors to the area and park, and he's filming a documentary on the effort to protect the Western Joshua Tree species entitled, “I Thought They Were Protected” - which we will be learning more about and how we can help his efforts. 

We are so lucky to have him meeting us at his 'secret spot' in the park after our yoga class Sunday morning to capture some amazing images - and discuss the effort to get state-wide protections for the Joshua Tree habitat in the Mojave Desert.


Example Schedule

  • Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel. Arrive by 730am to explore the property: meditation trail, beautiful scenery, restrooms, sitting areas to relax and take in the magic of the desert 
  • 8-12pm - Welcome Ceremony at Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel

    • 8-830am - Smudging blessing, meet other retreat attendees, get settled, welcome by Nicole Turner 
    • 830-9am - Introduction by Abe from Wind Walkers, Drum Circle, and meet the Takhtam Tribe
    • 9-11am - Yoga & Meditation in Medicine Wheel & Intention Setting Ceremony with Sound Healing in Teepees
    • 11am-12pm - Breakfast 
  • 7-8am - Drive into Joshua Tree National Park and meet at secret spot 
  • 8-10am - Outdoor yoga, sound healing, meditation
  • 10-11am - Breakfast 
  • 11-12pm - Rest / Explore
  • 12pm - 4pm - Lunch, guided nature hike and photography lesson with Casey from Joshua Tree Visitors Guide, and learn about how you can protect and save Joshua Tree's!


Jacob Black

You can't miss Nicole's events! I have been coming to her classes for the past 6+ months and I highly recommend. I just participated in her 2 hour guided lesson at Reach Yoga for the second time and it's such a unique experience :) The sound bowls and essential oils transport you to a place where the mind drifts into ease and calmness; I walked out feeling so refreshed and energized. I look forward to the next events for sure!

Ashley Onofaro 

I highly recommend Nicole’s Yin & Sound Healing events! It is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. I always leave these events much more stress free and feeling very calm.

Janina Umali

I have never felt as comfortable with yoga as I have with Nicole! Her teaching style is a rarity from what I've seen before. She really takes the time to dive into the deeper side of yoga and it's helped improved my mood and stress levels by being able to let go and truly relax. Every time I take one of her classes, whether it be Vinyasa, Yin, or Yoga Nidra, I always feel so much better then when I started. Her classes have not only been a HUGE benefit to me, but also to those around me as they've noticed an improvement in my moods. She's taught me how to deepen the connection with myself and also how to reconnect with others through yoga. If you need a break from daily life and don't know what to do to relax, take one of Nicole's classes and you'll definitely come out feeling refreshed!


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Andrea Nelson

Nicole is amazing!!! I’ve attended both her indoor zoom and outdoor classes. Her voice will guide you on a transcendent journey; during deep meditation under the stars, my son’s name came to me while he was cooking in my belly, a moment I will never forget. Strongly recommend her special brand of yoga :-)

Loren Samuelson 

Nicole's sound bath yoga for our company retreat was incredible! The way that she guides you through meditation and her soothing instruction made the surrounding worries of the world slip away. I was filled with complete relaxation and good vibes the rest of my day.

Emily Sones

I have taken multiple of Nicole's classes, but her Yin + Sound Healing Chakra Balancing workshop is the ultimate bliss. Nicole is a true healer and super educated on all things yogi :-). through her workshop she led us through meditation, yin and also incorporated lots of education and learning about the chakras. If you are looking to learn more about the chakras, to wind down and center - you have to try one of Nicole's yin+sound healing classes. Wish there were more like these! Def will take more!!

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