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Are you ready to dive deeper into some of my favorite yoga related topics and tools?  

yoga workshops
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During this experience you will learn about the Chakras, how using various tools can balance them and benefit your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

When these areas in the body are balanced, you can feel more aligned to your authentic Self, your purpose and experience sensations of deep
inner peace and happiness. 

Yin Yoga poses will be held for 5min each - specific for the 7 Chakras - combined with verbal descriptions, essential oils, smudging, bija mantras, crystal singing bowls and guided meditation to
help you embody more. 

You can think of this as a journey through body, mind and emotions with the 5 senses, as we remove sight and taste from the beginning, activate our hearing, smell and touch senses throughout, before removing them all towards the end as we head towards higher consciousness and a pure state of love within.

Paradise Point Resort

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