Are you living and breathing your yoga ON and OFF the mat?
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The Yamas

Five concepts that deepen your relationship with yourself and the external world.

Are you ready to not only increase physical strength, flexibility and relaxation, but rethink thoughts, words and actions that might not be supporting you, those around you or your surroundings? 

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The Yamas...


1. Ahimsa/ NonViolence

2. Satya/ Truthfulness

3. Asteya/ NonStealing

4. Brahmacharya/ NonExcess

5. Aparigraha/ NonAttachment


You started practicing yoga to feel better and you've possibly even mastered some crazy yoga poses... now what? Have you ever wondered if there's more to this 6000+ year old set of life enhancing tools?

I'm here to show you there IS. 

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Imagine if...

  • You increased your COURAGE and reduced the - intentional or unintentional - harm you caused to yourself, others or the planet
  • You infused kindness, compassion and good intentions into speaking your TRUTH to yourself and others 
  • You enjoyed the process of GROWTH and building yourself up to a person are are proud of more and reduced the amount happiness you took from yourself or others
  • You entered each day with a sense of SACREDNESS, helping you to reduce to need of always wanting more
  • You became MORE FREE by letting go of attachments that weigh you down and hold you back

What if you were told that everything you want, is available to you now - and everything you need, you already had? 



You're going to



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Each online course comes with a welcome video, an introduction to course content video, a detox video assisting you with the inside-out purification process of the mind, body and soul, and a themed yoga class, mantra and guided meditation to help you embody the concepts even more.

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The main purpose of my online courses is to not only teach you about how yoga philosophy can support your physical asana practice ON & OFF the mat, but it's a tool you can use for daily inspiration with everything you do! Who doesn't need that? 

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A small amount of reading comes with each course that helps to break down each concept making them more digestible. I truly believe that a mix of reading, watching, writing and doing will help you truly embody these topics on a deeper level. 

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There will be journaling options for before and after each video. The journaling is to encourage you to start witnessing what your thoughts, words, emotions and actions are prior to watching a video and then what they are after.   

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8 Limb Yoga Tribe Members will receive a discount on all online courses, live in-person events & local and international retreats. If you are not a current member, please email me and I can get you signed up: [email protected]

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A private Facebook and Kajabi community is available for you to connect with others. Feel free to let me know if you want to join one or both and start making new friends. Get ready to deepen your understanding of what this 6000+ year old set of life enhancing tools is all about and ... have some FUN 

I'm ready for the YAMAS

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I know first hand all the excuses to not prioritize your INTERNAL health and well-being because they were mine prior to starting a consistent yoga practice.

It takes time, discipline and commitment... to yourself - your body, mind and soul - everyone you love and the world around you.

When embarking on this journey, there will be many external things trying to convince you they are more important... they aren't. 

You can only search so long externally.

Soon the day will come when you have travelled to all the places, been with all the people, bought the house, got the job and you still feel like there's something missing.

This is when YOUR internal journey begins.

I'm so EXCITED for you. 

see you on the inside

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