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What is Private Wellness?

private wellness
private wellness

A personalized experience 

Private classes online, outdoors or indoors are for the individual or group that want a more personalized, customized experience.

You can think of these classes as a way to dive deeper into a topic or pose of your choosing, or maybe you have a special event that requires a specific day, time or location. 

Giving the gift wellness to yourself is a great way learn more about this beautiful life practice and how it can really transform your physical, mental and emotional states of being. The gift of yoga for a group can be a great bonding experience to help everyone feel refreshed, energized, cleansed and relaxed all at the same time!

There are options for LIVE online classes through Zoom, or at any indoor or outdoor location of your choosing. I have listed various options below from previous bookings.

I am a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider - YACEP and E-RYT 500. I have completed over 700hrs of certifications, have 2000+ hours of teaching, am fully insured, and participate in annual trainings and workshops to keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date.

  • Example Locations: private homes, hotels, vacation rentals, the beach, a bay or lake for SUP yoga, parks, private gyms, corporate offices, and country clubs.

  • Example Occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, weddings, girls / boys weekends, stay-cations, holidays, reunions, corporate events, and one-off or ongoing corporate wellness.

Private offerings include:

  • Corporate Wellness (this can be any style below or a customized class for your company’s employees)

  • SUP Yoga (standup-paddleboard yoga)

  • YANG Styles - Think vinyasa flow, slow flow, hatha yoga. These styles include poses where you are standing, sitting and lying down. This experience will be a combination of strength building and relaxing. 

  • YIN Styles: Think yin yoga and restorative yoga. These styles include poses where you are only sitting and lying down. This experience will be a combination of relaxing body and a larger focus on reducing mental chatter and preparing for meditation.

  • Kids/Family Yoga: These experiences are structure differently than a normal adult class and will be customized to the age groups. They include kids only, or adults and kids together and can be a great way to start teaching them life enhancing tools.

  • Meditation: Active Meditation (Sound Healing, Guided Meditations, Chanting, and more). Passive Meditation (Learn how to sit still, in silence and let go of all 5 senses). 


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